Complete Fluid Quality Care in One Unit

The Payoff: In Real Dollars

Hydraulic and lubrication assets that you manage are worth millions. For example, within a 6 month time frame, a refuse customer had to change the hydraulic fluid in their fleet of 100 trucks (L-4514). With a fleet size of this magnitude, the customer was looking to reduce costs by extending the life of their fluid.

The best way to achieve this goal is to set up a predictive maintenance program (PM). Through PM programs, managers are able to maintain, measure and track results, thus become knowledgeable of the fluid’s condition and able to treat the fluid as needed to best prevent unnecessary changes. This system offers the best solution for collecting accurate data and supporting best PM practices.
What is the SMART Asset Management Filtration Station?

The Asset Management Filtration Station is a complete fluid conditioning system designed to manage fluid cleanliness, so that the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) on hydraulic and lube assets are achieved. The AMFS monitors your fluid condition, filters out contaminants and tracks all the necessary data needed for trend analysis and record keeping by asset number or name.

How does the AMFS work?

The rugged, on-board PC records the ISO code and water saturation level, and provides a full-color display on the data in real time. The AMFS shuts down when the user selected cleanliness level is reached. Each asset file is created automatically and is separately labeled and summarized to quickly inform the operator on the condition of the fluid. Each run of the fluid is logged by date and time, providing a complete history of the equipment’s fluid cleanliness.
Customers Who Benefit &

Return on Investment (ROI)

IN PLANT SERVICE – Reliability Specialists, Plant Maintenance Managers and Maintenance Operators (anyone responsible for system reliability/up time)

MOBILE EQUIPMENT FLEETS – Fleet Maintenace Facility Managers, Fleet Directors, Mobile Equipment Service Contractors and Mobile Equipment Dealers
YOU CAN SEE IMMEDIATE RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT in the form of extended oil life, excellent fluid quality, lower fluid sampling costs and predictive maintenance that can eliminate loss of production that may cost hundreds of times more than ONE AMFS!