Custom Power Solutions

Simply Powerful.

Reliable Industries is a Power Generation supplier, serving the domestic and international markets.  Reliable Industries is uniquely qualified to serve the Electrical Power Generation needs of governmental services including military, heavy industry, mining, marine, oil and gas.

Products offered extend from Auxiliary Stand-by to Prime Power, which include Peak Shaving and Base Load, Retrofits, and Expansions.  We use state of the art switchgear from low voltage through to 15KV, 50 and 60 Hz, indoor and outdoor self-contained Power House, environmentally-controlled applications.  We use modern methods and technology in our line-ups and configurations to maximize the return for the client.


At the very center of Reliable Industries commitment to service is our staff.  We pride ourselves on sourcing, expediting, packaging, logistics and delivery.  We serve over 1100 customers in 40 countries.  From supplying ball mills in South America, service exchange components programs in the Caribbean, to power projects in Russia and Africa, we welcome an opportunity to compete for your business.


Reliable Industries is capable of shipping items to every corner of the globe in a timely manner.  Our shipping department makes sure every order is carefully packaged to ensure a flawless delivery.  Our applicatoin coverage includes industries such as marine, forklift, off-highway, agriculture, mining, automotive, construction, forestry, and power generation.  With our diverse group of representatives, you can be sure that Reliable Industries will provide the assistance you need for any application.